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The New Way to Track Your Medicine

Take-n-Slide turns an ordinary pill bottle into a new and useful adherence tool for your once-a-day medications!

Take-n-slide on prescription bottles

Easy To Use!

Remove liner from 3M adhesive backing

Stick to any size pill bottle.

Slide and click indicator to right after taking medication each day.

At week’s end, simply slide and click all indicators to the left again.

After all medication is taken, remove and stick to new pill bottle.

Recommendation from the FDA

"Read the label every time you are about to use the medicine, to be sure it's the right medicine, for the right patient, in the right amount, in the right way, at the right time."


We use 3M repositionable adhesive

Take-n-Slide is designed to be reusable. After all medication is taken, remove and stick on your new bottle.

People Love Using Take-N-Slide

Tackling the adherence issue has almost no downside because every 1% improvement in adherence results in $2 billion in savings to the U.S. healthcare system and better health for patients.
Fixing America's Other Drug Problem
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U.S. Patent No. 7,614,358