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The New Way of Knowing

With a quick glance at your bottle, now you know

"did I take my medicine today?"

Simple, Smart, Easy, Helpful, Reusable, Affordable

Easy to use...

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Track Your Pet Medications

Now it's easy for everyone in the family to know if the pet is getting their medications.

Take Twice-a-day Medications?

Simply attach additional Take-n-Slides depending on the number of doses you take each day.

Track Your Daily Vitamins

It's easy to know if you have taken your daily vitamins with a quick glance of your bottle.

Healthcare Professionals

"Actually reusable!!"

"Very handy! I was skeptical about the adhesion being reusable from bottle to bottle, but it is! I'm on my third bottle using this and it shows no signs of the adhesion weakening."

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"An absolute must have"

"I don't have to worry about whether or not I've taken my medication! That's huge!"

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I never write reviews but I really loved this product so much that I just had to let others know. I was having a hard time remembering if I took my meds and sometimes I would skip days because I didn't want to double dose if I've already had taken them. Now with this product I'm able to just slide the day over to indicate I've taken my meds that day. Super easy! This has been such a lifesaver!

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"Simple design, incredibly helpful"

Not only is this easy to use, but it really makes it easier to remember to even take my meds in the first place! The concept of a "reward" (the reward being hearing the click and seeing the shift) encourages me to actually pick them up daily and take them! Adheres well to both normal size bottles and larger bulk pill bottles!

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